Final Conquistador Update and Schedule

Well folks, we’re finally here!!! We have to admit that planning a tournament during this whole Covid thing has not been the easiest thing we’ve ever done, but all in all, we’re pretty pleased with the way things have turned out.

Sewailo Golf Club is in pristine shape having hosted a Symetra Tour event this week. We’ve got some of the best greens you’ve seen! Weather is going to be perfect, high 70’s/low 80’s all week!!

We ask that each and everyone of you read the Casino del Sol safety page for the latest on the COVID protocols currently in place. (


We have made a couple of changes to the schedule for the tournament. First, we have changed the shotgun start of all rounds to 8:00 am in the morning (to make sure the weather doesn’t affect your visit!). We ask that everyone be in their carts and be ready to get out on the course by 7:45 am for each round. On Tuesday, we will open registration at 5:30 am at the Sewailo Clubhouse. The range will be open at 6:00 am every day.

The Player reception at Traks Tucson will begin promptly at 6 pm on Tuesday evening and will conclude by 9 pm to ensure everyone gets a good night’s sleep. Wednesday night is an open evening.

One hiccup in the overall schedule. We were expecting Casino del Sol to lift the ban on large F&B gatherings by April 15th. We were informed this morning, that it will stay in effect until the middle of May at the earliest. Therefore, the awards ceremony will take place outdoors next to the clubhouse as soon as we can get scores posted. We are currently working on options for the awards banquet and will advise everyone by this weekend, what the plan of attack will be. As the Casino is a Tribal property, we really don’t have a lot of leverage at this time. We’re working hard on a solution to this issue as quickly as we can.

We will strive to keep everyone informed throughout the week and ask that you all share this post with anyone who is playing in the event. We will be sending out text, email and social media posts through the weekend.

Ponder this…..

“…If you win and still feel empty…

If you feel burned out by the never-ending performance chase…
If the allure of success has stolen too many moments from your personal life…
If the scoreboard and the opinions of others have defined your self-worth…
If the fear of failure is always hounding you…
If success has led to isolation at the top…
If success has given you fear-based power over those around you…

I have a question for you:

Do your words and actions reflect a noble heart that inspires greatness in others and makes those around you better? ” 


David Cook- greatness, p. 86-87

Occam’s razor and Golf

Occam’s razor (also Ockham’s razor or Ocham’s razor) is the problem-solving principle that the simplest solution tends to be the right one. “When presented with competing hypotheses to solve a problem, one should select the solution with the fewest assumptions”.
When presented with the challenge of how to formulate an instructional curriculum for physically or mentally challenged golfers, we quickly realized that coming up with a program that made it easier for challenged players to be introduced to the game or improve their existing game, would entail moving away from traditional methods and focusing on simple and logical concepts.

The Challenge

What is the single biggest challenge for vision or physically challenged  golfers?  Putting the club head on the ball consistently!   With traditionally designed golf clubs, you have thirteen lengths, thirteen different lies, and thirteen different weights….ergo thirteen different swing planes.  Does that make sense if you’re trying to have the fewest assumptions?  Of course not.  Therefore, why not create a two plane system that allows the challenged golfer to only master two swings, irons/hybrids and woods?  Traditional logic enforces the notion that variable length irons are correct and that smart people before us deciphered the most accurate way to play the game. Yet, few have questioned the reason why our clubs variate in length.  In golf terms, a set of clubs that allows the player to maintain a single ball position, swing plane, and rhythm rate would provide the logical explanation to achieve optimal performance. All with a club that has singularity of length, weight, bounce, shaft weight, and shaft flex to optimize the simplicity of repeating your ideal swing.
Over the past 10 years, single length clubs have advanced from a curiosity to a major manufacturer offering.  Single length irons are being offered by Cobra, Edel, and a couple of component builders.  Single length woods and hybrids are offered by Cobra, 1Iron and Pinhawk.  On the high end, Edel offers custom fit irons (only) that are unique in that the emphasis is on the custom shaft design.  From the Edel website: “Pre-Loaded for fiber tension according to flex, weight and shaft profile. Each single length iron shaft combines strategically positioned variable kick and balance points with gradient torque and frequency progression. Optimizing launch conditions independent of clubhead loft, insuring the golfer of an optimal fit option throughout a set of single length irons. Paderson Kinetixx Loaded Single Length iron shafts are an innovative three (3) shaft constant weight design. Long, Mid and Short shaft profiles are designed to harmonize trajectory and optimize distance gapping in all corresponding lofts.Mirroring performance of the mid irons, long irons are finally easy to hit and more forgiving. Flying higher and longer with more spin and increased ball speed as compared to conventionally built sets of irons having longer playing lengths and lighter head weights. The shorter iron profile generates precise distance and target control accuracy; optimizing launch conditions and playability as never before seen in a set of irons.”. Learn more about these clubs here at On the low end, Pinhawk offers a solid game improvement club with customized lengths (+/- 1/4”, 1/2” increments), multiple shafts, grips, and lie adjustment to fit just about any player.  You can buy components or completely assembled clubs at a very reasonable price (assembled are $49 per club).  In addition, other than 1Iron, Pinhawk is the only one to offer single length fairway woods and hybrids.  Overall, a pretty strong lineup and in our opinion, a great place for the cost conscious who are looking to get into the SL game.  You can find more information at  While Sterling and 1Iron both have had positive reviews, if you’re looking for a major brand with the reputation and development prowess to match, you really can’t go wrong with Cobra.  Both the F7, F8 and now King SZ, single length irons are strong contenders for best single length system.  With the recent success of Bryson DeChambeau, rest assured that Cobra will continue to innovate with the new features to increase their market share.  The great thing about Cobra is that you can build your own custom setup with multiple shafts, grips, lengths and club setup at no extra cost over retail.  Also, Cobra is now offering SL Hybrids that can replace your 3,4,5, even 6 iron with a club that is not only easier to hit, but with the lower CG gives you the ability to get more height on your mid-long iron clubs (common complaint among first time SL users).  Overall, we feel that Cobra is the best place to start your SL experience from a solid company and at a very reasonable price.  You can find more information at

Occam’s Razor….it’s with this principle that TeeItUp is entering into the sight and physically challenged golf world to provide instruction, tools, and opportunities for both challenged youth and adult golfers of all ages, with our new program “You Don’t Have to See It, 2TeeItUp©”.  Most importantly, we will have a decided focus on sight and physically challenged youth to introduce them to the game and the values of golf, which in itself will allow us to continue our mission to bring new golfers of all abilities to the game.  Stay tuned for Edition 2 of our four part series, Using Technology to Improve Your Game.

Showcase of Adaptive Golfers in Tucson, the New Epicenter of Adaptive Golf in the USA

For Immediate Release

Contact:           Matt Russell

                             Russell Public Communications

                             (520) 232-9840


Spring Golf Events to Showcase Adaptive Athletics and Welcome World’s Top-Ranked Adaptive Golfers 

Tucson, Ariz. (March 28, 2021) – The University of Arizona’s Adaptive Golf program, the first and largest in national collegiate sports that showcases the talents of golfers with disabilities, will host two events in April and is inviting the golfing community to participate and sponsor one or both.  The proceeds from these events will provide much-needed funding to grow adaptive golf throughout Southern Arizona and provide these student athletes the support and benefits that the game of golf provides.

The first event, the 2021 TeeItUp Spring Shootout, will be held on Monday, April 19 at the Omni Tucson National Resort.  This 18-hole scramble will feature a fundraising event where Southern Arizona golfing enthusiasts can sponsor traditional foursomes, threesomes with one adaptive golf athlete, or engage in other associated activities and programs.  This tournament will benefit University of Arizona Adaptive Athletics.

The second event, the Conquistador Paragolf Championship, will kick off on Tuesday, April 20 at Sewailo Golf Club at Casino del Sol and will conclude on Thursday, April 22. Members of the University of Arizona’s Adaptive Golf team will participate in this event along with more than forty of the top world-ranked adaptive golfers including Billy Fryar, Jonathan Snyder, Tracy Ramin, John Bell, Steve Shipulski, Chris Biggins, and Sean Munn.  The tournament will feature a variety of exciting prizes such as equipment and golf wear from sponsors/preferred providers such as Cobra/Puma, Vice Golf, Desert Fox, Sqairz Golf Shoes, Ping, and Nike.  This tournament will benefit the University of Arizona Adaptive Golf team as well as other adaptive golf initiatives in Southern Arizona.

“We are excited to be hosting these stellar events for both our golfing community at large and for our adaptive athletes from the University of Arizona and from around the world,” stated Jon Moore, managing director, TIU4ALL.  “Our community has a proud history of strong support for such events, and together with our world-class golf courses and nearly-perfect, year-round weather, these events will raise much-needed funding as well as the profiles of our athletes and ultimately help us in making Tucson the epicenter of adaptive golf worldwide,” Moore concluded. 

To register to play, or to sign up for sponsorship opportunities for the TeeItUp Spring Shootout, please visit

To register to play, or to sign up for sponsorship opportunities for the Conquistador Paragolf Championship, please click here.

# # #

We’re getting close!!!

Only 25 days left until The Conquistador Paragolf and we still have a few registrations left to fill out this field. Our host course, Sewailo Golf Club, is in excellent shape and the greens are probably the best they’ve been in the last few years. We will officially shut down registrations on 4/5/2021 so we can make sure we have plenty of time to cover prizes, swag, and event needs. Get in now on not only the first event of the season but what is shaping up to be the best golf experience ever.

For all of our seated golfers, all of our available SoloRiders are now spoken for but we can still assist on potentially finding some solutions for you (no guarantees).


Our registration block for rooms at Casino del Sol has come and gone, but you still may be able to book rooms, albeit at the prevailing rate for those dates. We still have rooms available at the DoubleTree Tucson Airport for those of you still needing to book accommodations. The rate is $99 and can be reserved until 4/15/2021. Please be aware that there is no shuttle service between DoubleTree and the golf course, so if you don’t have a car or can’t hitch a ride with another golfer, Uber is your best bet (approx. $20).

Welcome Reception

The welcome reception will be held after the first round on Tuesday 4/20 (6:30 pm) at Trak Tucson. Trak is one of the many working equestrian facilities located within the city limits and is perfectly suited for an outdoor event that showcases the best of what Tucson really is.

Trak Tucson

Highlighting the event will be live music by KTKlassics and a tremendous spread by our partners and supporters at FireTruck Brewery. FireTruck will be setting up in a served buffet style and will be bringing out many of their custom brews for your enjoyment (soda/ice teas available as well). Although our spread will be “off menu”, you can check out their offerings here.

Update on TIU Tour Production Events in 2021

The TIU Shootout 2021

We are pleased to announce that as of 3/5/2021, the TIU4All Shootout to benefit UArizona Adaptive Athletics is officially sold out with 144 golfers committed to play. While we still have a couple of sponsorships available, we have exceeded expectations and will be proud to post the results of the biggest single day benefit golf tournament ever in Southern Arizona. This benefit will feature many of the most prominent business leaders in the Tucson market and will show case the Adaptive Ambassadors of the Adaptive Golf Players Association, who showcase and demonstrate the unique abilities that world ranked adaptive golfers possess.

The Ambassadors of the AGPA consist of some of the most accomplished adaptive golfers in the world. We are pleased to welcome the following adaptive golfers to our TIU4ALL Shootout

The Conquistador Paragolf Championships

The inaugural 2021 Conquistador Paragolf Championships is being held at Sewailo Golf Club in SW Tucson, AZ on 4/20-22/2021. This will be a 54 hole championship adaptive golf tournament being played under the guidelines of the USGA and USAGR national rating system. Our host facility is the Casino del Sol (on property with Sewailo) and features some of the most elegant hotel rooms with more than 13 dining options on property. You really don’t have to go anywhere else to have a most impressive experience, but we have all sorts of options in Tucson in which you can experience. We will be posting other dining and sightseeing options in the next couple of weeks.

We will be having a players reception dinner after the first round on Tuesday 4/20 at Traks Tucson, which is an outdoor equestrian facility located within the city. This will be a socially distanced and COVID compliant event featuring some of the finest Southwest BBQ in the region. Information can be found on the website. The awards ceremony/dinner will be held at the same location after the final round. Transportation will be provide for those who wish, to and from both events. Many of you I’m sure are asking why aren’t we doing it at the Casino…..the Casino will not be allowing mass banquet or gathering events until 5/15, so we had to plan something proper offsite.

While we are intent on fielding a field of 72 adaptive golfers minimum, we have the capability of hosting up to 144. So, by all means, share the experience with your adaptive golf contacts and direct them to for registration and further event information.

The Tip of the Spear to benefit fallen Special Forces Veterans

Kaden’s Cause

The Invisible Shield National Championships – Info coming soon