Important TIU Shootout 2020 Update

For Immediate Release 

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To All TIU Shootout 2020 Participants, Sponsors and Vendors


As you all are aware, we are once again facing a worldwide health issue that is having drastic effects on every person, every industry, and every segment of life.  Whether you feel that this issue has been sensationalized, politicized, blown out of proportion by the media or that it is truly a pandemic of epic proportions, the fact remains, this is a serious situation.  

It is our belief at TIU, that while we haven’t been effected here in Southern Arizona like many others world wide, it is only right that we treat the situation with the respect and caution that it deserves.  We therefore have decided to postpone the April 25th 2020 TIU Shootout at Sewailo (golf tournament benefitting the UArizona Adaptive Golf Program).  We are currently looking at dates in May and beyond that will not be in conflict with other planned events however, we will evaluate the ongoing health issues on a weekly basis and will confirm dates when we feel we have a better handle on when it will be safe to conduct the benefit. At this time, we don’t anticipate having to cancel the event, but we do want to state that while this would be a highly unlikely scenario, it is out there as an option should conditions at that time dictate such an action.  If we err, it will be on the side of caution. We will be opening more tee times, sponsorship opportunities and other ways you can assist in making this community effort for adaptive sports a success.  We will be updating the website at on a weekly basis with benefit information as well as well as tips to keep your game sharp while we weather this storm, so bookmark the page to stay informed as we move forward.  Also, please feel free to share with your friends who would like to get involved in a worthwhile community effort to assist Adaptive Golf in Tucson.

Finally, we would like to thank the support team at UArizona, our sponsors, and the tournament committee.  Without your help, this great event would not be possible.


Jon Moore
Direct: (702) 290-4266
Conference: (585) 632-4198  Pin: 52410#
TeeItUp Enterprises LLC 

Technical Support Tokens

Customer support tokens are available for $65 for one month or $499 per year. Click here to purchase one now. While support is complimentary for the first ninety days after the purchase of your TIU product, you will need a token key to receive technical support after the intro period.

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TIU4All is instituting a program to benefit our adaptive/at risk kids, adaptive veterans, and first responders who are in need of web enabled devices to continue their education as it’s now apparent that “in person” learning is not going to happen in this calendar year in the state of Arizona.  This is a program that is specifically for those who are continuing their education, not a recreational device and we have strict protocols to ensure they are going to those who truly need it.

So what we’re doing is to ask that anyone who has a laptop or mobile tablet device they’re not using or has been relegated to the office closet, to gift it to this cause.  As many of you know, we have the capability in house to make sure your information will remain safe as we will wipe every hard drive, refurbish the unit, and ensure that the device capabilities meet these students requirements.  We will refurb the units at our own cost and will provide each recipient 1 TB of online storage, at no cost, as well.  If you’re not comfortable with backing up your unit, we will be happy to provide a USB thumb drive with your hard drive contents at no charge to you before we wipe it if you will give us a return address for the drive. We will accept Windows, Mac, Fire, Google, Android or iOS devices in this effort.  

If you have old modems or cable routers, they are needed as well.  We stock cables and power adaptors in house as a normal procedure.  

We have received an accommodation from Cox Cable in Southern Arizona to provide internet service to those who can’t afford it.  We are working on a satellite access program for those who are outside of normal cable or fiber networks.

This is about the education of our beneficiaries and the advancement of education and the growth of golf.  Help us make a difference in making the game and the education of those who need life goals, a reality.  We appreciate your gift and commitment and by all means share this with your contacts and on social media.  We need your help and thank you in advance for your support!

All devices should be sent to:

TIU4ALL c/o Teeitup Enterprises LLC

7090 N Oracle Rd #178-181,

Tucson, AZ 85704

(702) 620-4266

Another first for the University of Arizona

The University of Arizona (UArizona) Adaptive Athletics Program continues to challenge the status quo with the addition of the first collegiate adaptive golf program in the U.S. “We have over a 40-year history [of adaptive sports] here at UArizona and now we are trying to expand our reach even more,” said Peter Hughes, UArizona Adaptive Athletics Director. Golf is a popular sport in Tucson, Arizona due to the weather and cost of living. Although Hughes didn’t know much about adaptive golf, he recognized the sport was popular in Tucson and catered to visually-impaired athletes. “We haven’t had adaptive sports for many, many years regarding visually impaired individuals,” said Hughes. “There are a lot of golfers and golf events in Southern Arizona, including the U.S. Blind Golf Association Open in Green Valley. I felt like our program should be furthering this cause. ”In collaboration with local golf simulator business, TeeItUp Enterprises, UArizona’s adaptive golf program was launched in September 2019. Jon Moore, co-founder of TeeItUp, sparked an initial conversation with Hughes about adaptive sports on an airline flight seven years ago. Four years later, Moore’s son, Christopher Schmidt, lost his vision and stumbled upon the U.S. Blind Golf Association. When Moore’s son started competing in tournaments throughout the country, a fire was ignited within the pair to increase participation in adaptive golf.

First Adaptive Golf Program in Collegiate Sports

Moore remembered his conversation with Hughes several years prior and gave him a call to pitch the idea of starting a program at UArizona. Golf marks the seventh sport added to UArizona’s Adaptive Athletics program. The golf team has recruited five athletes, including the newest recruit Bailey Bish.

“It means a lot to me that the University of Arizona has an adaptive golf team. I grew up playing sports, and I have dreamed of playing sports in college ever since I can remember,” said Bish. A Tucson native, Bish grew up on the fifth hole of the Forty Niner Country Club with her younger sister and parents. She joined the Tanque Verde High School golf team during her freshman year. “I fell in love with golf because I get to be outside, and it’s very peaceful and quiet,” said Bish. “It was something I was able to do with a weak right side. My right leg and right arm were the problems and with golf, you just need a strong left side to transfer [weight] onto. Bish is a freshman at Pima Community College studying logistics and supply chain management. She plans to transfer to UArizona to pursue a degree in organizational leadership or regional commerce.

Other original team members such as Jesse Williamson and Christopher Schmidt, as well as other adaptive golfers, will be featured in future posts on our blog. Each has a unique story to tell and are indicative of what adaptive golf holds for the development of adaptive sports and the growth of the sport of golf.

Our new venture to provide lessons and clinics to all of those who wish to enhance their lives through the game of golf.

With the addition of adaptive golf at UArizona, Moore and Hughes plan to help other universities across the West Coast develop programs of their own. “We’ve got proposals on the table right now with four major universities on the West Coast, and it’s our intention to set up a western adaptive golf conference,” said Moore. Moore also indicated that the concept could soon make its way to the Midwest and Southeast US with the intention of one day creating a national conference.

“The more people we can have playing golf, the better it is for our game. The more things we can do to reduce barriers to entry regardless if it’s finances, access to courses or disability, it’s a great thing for everyone who plays golf,” said Jim Anderson, head coach for UArizona men’s golf team. “I think what the adaptive athletics program is doing is pioneering another opportunity for a market of golfers to exist and hopefully figure out a way to provide people with an opportunity or at least attract people to the University of Arizona thanks to this program.”

Resonate: @Peter Hughes

Everyday I am humbled by the support that this program receives from its community and its friends.  In 2004 on my way driving out here for the opportunity to play for Coach Brown and to become a Wildcat, I turned to my wife and said to her “What the hell are we doing?  Leaving our world, your family, my job, our home for me to play basketball?!?”  Her answer was “I have no idea!”.   Now when I ask myself that same question the answer is simple and clear “We are changing the world”.  I would not be in a this position without your support.  Thank you for trusting me with this role, it remains my great passion.  “Champions are made in Tucson”.

Peter Hughes, Adaptive Sports Athletic Director UArizona

The Man, The Myth, The Legend!